Frequently Asked Questions


We Strongly advise you to Pre Enter for $15 will get one Pooch and Two People (Start and Finish line pit crew) extra team memembers will only be $2, plus your dog’s details and trainer name will be printed in the souvenir race-book and doggy bag! Gate entry competitor will be $15 and each person $5. Every dog spectator or racer must register and pay (gate) entry is $15 per dog per race entry.

If you are attending with a Pre-Entered Racer as a spectator, then the cost of entry is $2.00. You must enter the gates with a Pre-Registered Entrant to be elligible for this. Otherwise, it is a Standard $5.00 Entry Fee per person on the day. This is a fundraiser for Assistance Dogs and we want to encourage plenty of adult supervision for children and dogs, so it is $5 per person.

We have wet weather contingencies but bring a coat, it will not be cancelled.

Every Pooch coming onto the premises, needs to have their adult sign and register AND pay $5 to spectate. $25 is an opportuinity to win a prize with your athlete, 2 buddies on the track and a race book.

All dogs must be kept on a leash except for the race and if you are a gate entry don't come TOO early in the day

Only 30 seconds for a race, then if your dog wins, a chance at the Grand Prix race.

If you are pre entered you will race before Lunch, gate entries from early afternoon. ”.

Every Pooch needs two people, one to release the leash and a best buddy at the finish line

calling with whatever encouragement is needed. Let us know on race registration if you require an extra hand, on the start line.

We want only dogs that are well socialised on the premises. Two options with nervous dogs: #1 bring dog with a muzzle, or #2 leave the dog at home.

All risk, responsibility and damages are yours on entry, and once again don’t bring unsocialised dogs, or children that might bite! Local dog control staff will be on site to assist with any issues. Entry is at organisers discretion.

We strongly recommend your dogs vaccines are up to date. Bring a drink bowl for your dog Bring sun shade and sun screen Bring Poop bags and along with your smile lots of Dog and Child supervision

We have safety measures in place, and initial first aid for both Pooches and Peeps, further treatment as per normal on a weekend to clinics is in the race book.

Along with fun, we ask everybody to be helpful, watchful and caring so that we can all have another awesome day. Identify those that haven't paid and registered, are looking stressed or need to know where help and amenities are.We are all in this together Pooch Racers .

We DON’T. Make sure yours is! This is an event to celebrate, encourage and promote good dog ownership and local Council Dog Control Officers and vets will be on site. Keep an eye out with Vet's involved with Pooch Racing for vaccination specials entry.

If you are a sponsor or have a stall, this is a great way to interact with your target market and have fun.

First in, first served. Costs are very reasonable, and go towards marketing and advertising for the event, go to the sponsor page for more info.

The opportunity to get a prime space in Your Cambridge News, Te Awamutu Courier, or the Hamilton News for excellent space and rates.

The opportunity to get a prime space in Your Cambridge News, Te Awamutu Courier, or the Hamilton News for excellent space and rates. A race named for your business, your logo on promotional material (where possible), links from our Facebook page and website, opportunity for new foot traffic as a pre-entry race registration site, the opportunity to display and promote your goods and services on a stall, the offer of a race book advert, and the chance to speak to the crowd when presenting your prize to the winner. Depending on your efforts, options are open.