Assistance Dogs New Zealand (ADNZ) is a registered charitable trust, providing trained dogs for clients with a disability. We provide our service to adults and children with a range of disabilities, and we will consider any disabilities. The most common disabilities we support are: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Down Syndrome, Diabetes, Dementia, PTSD, Developmental Delay Syndromes and other neurological and physical disabilities.

We specialise in training assistance dogs that can provide a support role for more than one disability, and 90% of our clients are families with children with one or several disabilities.
Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust are proud to be selected as the recipients of the Pooch Racing Cambridge Event in October this year.

We have a unique opportunity with the Pooch Racing community to raise enough funds to breed, raise and train two assistance dogs for families desperate for support to assist their children with a disability.

This Pooch Racing Event will be a heart warming, unique and community driven event that will make a difference to lives of two families waiting for assistance dogs to support their children.

Every person with a four legged friend knows the benefits of their canine’s unconditional love and loyalty. Now imagine a dog that is loyal, loving, and expertly trained to help a child. Trained to prevent a child from running away, decrease self-harm behaviours, and reduce melt-downs in children with autism. These special canines are raised and trained to help children sleep better, reduce anxiety, and help build communication.

Most importantly, imagine the comfort and companionship an Assistance Dog provides. It’s a beautiful relationship and one that we are proud to establish, and support but we need your help.

Join Assistance Dogs New Zealand, Carey and the team at Pooch Racing today, and become an official race sponsor, show your community you care and endorse such a wonderful cause.

Let the races begin!

Cheers, Wendy
Wendy Isaacs
Funding Development Manager
Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust