Red Brae Doggy Day Care

Marian Brenssell with husband Cameron. We have four dogs of our own, and were motivated to open a doggy daycare after moving to Tirau from Dunedin last year and being shocked by the lack of places available to exercise dogs due to the South Waikato District Council’s ban on dogs in town. One of the things I noticed as soon as we came up was there is nowhere within a 20 minute drive where you can just let your dogs play and be dogs. We were living in town at the time and we were paying $200 a year to register each dog but we couldn’t even walk them down the street and to me that is just not fair. I feel sorry for a lot of dogs here. Now that we have purchased our own farm it was the perfect opportunity to help other frustrated owners. And we have the experience and knowledge to understand a lot of that behaviour and personality. Both myself and Cameron are dog trainers and behaviourists.

I have always had dogs, we had up to 16 at one time. I used to run a team of working dogs down south and people would randomly ask if I could take their dog and train them, or ask questions about their dog’s anxiety or the way they relate to other dogs. It was all about word of mouth, so most times we had at least one other person’s dog at our house. It’s not just about understanding the dog but helping the dog and understanding each other.